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The Swedish folk high school

There are about 148 folk high schools scattered around the country. The first folk high school (in Swedish called folkhögskola) in Sweden was founded in 1868. Most of them are run by organizations while the rest are run by regional governments or local councils.

The folk high school is for adults and the schools normally favour the admittance of people with short earlier schooling. Characteristic for the folk high school way of teaching is that it often uses theme studies and project work. Here the students' experiences from work and social life are great assets. Folk high schools have courses on different levels and with different aims and directions. Every school has long courses which will qualify for university studies. There are also a large amount of special courses - studies in music, media, theatre, and health. The long courses last from a term to one or three years. The short courses last from a day or two, to a couple of weeks. The total amount of participants each semester to the long courses is around 20 000 and to the short ones it is about 80 000.


Most of the schools have a specific profile, for example music, disabled people, art etc. Around 13% of the Swedes from 18 to 75 have taken a folk high school course and about 8% has taken a long folk high school course. All tuition is free of charge. The folk high schools are largely financed by the Swedish government. A fundamental reason for this is, that giving grants to liberal adult education, contributes to democratic development in society.

Ädelfors Folkhögskola - Ädelfors folk high school

We offer courses in a variety of subjects, and the students come from all over the country. During the week, most of the students live in dorms at the school, and on the weekends they often go home. Ädelfors folk high school started in 1957 and has about 300 students in the long courses. The head of the school is the Labour Movement.

As a student at Ädelfors folk high school you can take part in a variety of activities, like tennis, snooker, table tennis, or you can visit the gym, the café or the library.

Ädelfors folk high school is available for people with disabilities and people with special needs. The school is located in the south part of Sweden, in a village called Holsbybrunn. 8 km from the city called Vetlanda.

Long courses

If your aim is to get a basic qualification for university studies, Ädelfors folk high school can offer you different options depending on your earlier schooling. Either you can attend the general course, for one or two years or, if you are qualified, just attend the third year. We have also some long courses that are vocationally oriented, i.e. journalism, assistant for disabled persons and wellness.

Short courses

Ädelfors folk high school has also modern facilities for conferences, business related meetings. In the summer time we also arrange about 30 shorter courses for disabled people. These courses are a great possibility, to meet new people, old friends and to get a break from the weekday. 


If you would like to stay at the school we have about 60 rooms for your disposal, in our hostel, or in our hotel. If you click on this link you will come to the Swedish page where some pictures are shown. Feel free to contact us for more information. +46 (0)383-57170,

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